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ISAK stands for The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry, the society was founded in Glasgow back in 1986.  ISAK trained kinathropometrists use a standardised method for measuring body composition and as such their method can be compared on an individual basis as well as on a global basis.

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What's include in package?:

Individual report, showing overall assessment of measurements and a chart.  For those who sign up for more than one set of measurements, a progress report will be included.

Using a variety of equipment, measurements will be taken from 8 skinfold sites around the body, body mass, stature, waist, hips, muscle girths and bone breadths.  From these measurements somatotype can be determined and sum of skinfolds calculated.  It is possible to estimate % body fat from these measurements but you should be aware that the equations used to estimate % body fat may not match your bone density and skin thickness, therefore the accuracy is questionable.  


Using sum of skinfolds gives a more personalised profile and makes it easier to identify areas on the body where you lose/gain weight more easily.  As these measurements are specific to you the results are more meaningful than taking an overall % body fat.  If the same equation is used between 2 sets of % body fat measurements then this can show overall loses/gains in body fat on an individual basis but is meaningless when comparing individuals.

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  • Somatotype

  • Sum of Skinfolds

  • Proportionality

  • Relative Body Fat

  • Indices of Body Surface Area

  • BMI

  • Waist to Hip Ratio

  • % Body Fat