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Personal Training


Fully Insured and Well Trained

Regardless of your aims, The Bene Fit-ness Team will take you to your physical limits with the support and guidance you require to get to the top.  Working closely with our nutritionist, the team can provide you with a full Nutritional Analysis to ensure your body has the fuel it requires to tackle the physical barriers that regularly prevent us from our personal best.

For those with a basic to athletic level of fitness, who are looking to improve, we can offer tailored programmes to meet your specific goals/sports through working with a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach.  Your coach can help improve specific aspects of your fitness – such as agility, power, strength, endurance and stamina or if you would like to incorporate Olympic lifting into your training then your coach will be with you every step.  


Registered with UKSCA (United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association) your coach is qualified to work with amateur athletes, Olympic and Professional athletes, so no matter where you are on the spectrum your coach can work to help you improve to reach your targets.

ISAK Body Composition Measuring

ISAK stands for the "International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry."  The society was founded in Glasgow back in 1986.  ISAK trained anthropometrists use a standardised method for measuring body composition.  This method can be compared on an individual, and a global basis.


Measurements taken include; 8 skinfold sites around the body, body mass, stature, waist, hips, muscle girths and bone breadths.  From these measurements somatotype (body type) can be determined, and the sum of skinfolds calculated.  It is possible to estimate the "% body fat" from these measurements, but the accuracy is debatable.  You should be aware that the equations used to estimate "% body fat" may not match your bone density and skin thickness.  Using sum of skinfolds gives a more personalised profile and makes it easier to identify areas on the body where you lose/gain weight more easily.  Since measurements are specific to you, the results are more meaningful than "% body fat".

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Programmes we offer:

Sessions will take place at Everyday Athlete Gym, close to Glasgow City Centre with James Lowry MSc.  James can be contacted directly on 07815 125315 or

What's include in package?:

Individual report, showing overall assessment of measurements and a chart.  For those who sign up for more than one set of measurements, a progress report will be included.

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BeneFits of Using a Personal Trainer:

  • Reduction in Excess Fat

  • Improved Muscle Tone & Strength

  • Improved Physical & Mental Health

  • Improved Agility & Flexibilty

  • Improved Cardio Vascular Health


BeneFits of Strength & Conditioning Training

  • Performance

  • Strength

  • Agility & Flexibility

  • Endurance

  • Cardio Vascular Fitness

  • Confidence/Self Esteem


Exercise Therapy

Improve your cardiovascular health, your strength and your stamina, with our range of excercise programmes intended to get you moving better. For example, the "Couch to 5K" is a 10 week running programme is designed to take complete beginners from never having run before to running 5K.


With regular exercise we can help you to improve posture and balance, and to relieve stress and aid joint mobility. It has also been shown to improve mental well-being, and cardiovascular health. We can organise one-to-one training sessions for you or if you prefer, to pair you with a friend. We can adapt the programme to suit you both to achieve the best results.


Programmes we offer:

Our programmes are tailored to your individuals who have never exercised or have not exercised for years.  Specifically those with conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes or joint problems to name a few.  Sessions will take place within our clinic or outdoors.

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Strength & Conditioning Coaching

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