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Physical Therapy & Remedial Massage



Our clients have felt relief from:

* Tennis elbow

* Low back pain

* Whiplash

* Fibromyalgia

* Acute injuries

* Stiff neck and shoulders

* Restricted movement of joints

* Chronic pain

* Recovery from sports performance

* Acute injury through sport

* Acute injury through an accident

Physical therapy and remedial massage are designed for treatment of a  problem area or issues. It requires a far greater understanding of the body and can be used as a one off treatment or as part of a treatment plan.


Your therapist will talk through your issue with you, assessing the area by watching your range of movement and palpating.


Once your therapist is satisfied they understand the problem we will talk you through our treatment and make sure you understand fully the plan or treatment ahead.


Many different techniques can be involved in treatment, from aiding you with mobilisation and stretching of the joints  - never beyond a position you are not comfortable with, you are in charge here, we will watch your reactions all the time and check in with you that all is comfortable - to electro therapy like ultra sound, taping and last but not least good old fashioned massage of those achey bits and calming of the nerves involved with sending those "pain" messages.


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We aim to get you back to your best possible

health or maybe even better!

As it indicates, this massage is to REMEDY. It is a deep form of soft tissue work, using specific techniques to help treat your problem areas, aching limbs, tension, fatigue and help iron out those "knots".  Remedial massage need not be painful. Talk to us, tell us the pressure you feel comfortable with. We may also use mobilisation of joints and muscle energy techniques for the best results. Don't worry about the technical jargon, we will always explain before hand what we are doing and make sure you understand why we are using certain techniques. Between client and therapist we can work together to give you the best we can


Remedial massage covers many areas


ACUTE INJURY and not just of the sporting type. If you sprain your ankle playing football or slipping on the ice, the injury is the same and treament is the same also.

CHRONIC PAIN, by this we mean a persistant pain of more than a few months. We will look at you issue, chat through our form of treatment and advise on pain management.

THAT NIGGLING ACHE. We all get them, a remedial massage will focus in on a certain area. Smoothing out that ache.  



As well as physical Bene Fits from massage, clients also experiance a deep sense of relaxation and well being. We help you become aware of the difference in your body between a state of tension or relaxation. Sometimes you need to relax in order to actually recognise how tense and stressed you were feeling in the first place. This sensation of relaxation can carry on well after the treatment, just recalling the sense of wellness can trigger your body and mind can help you relax again.